“Islam bermula sebagai sesuatu yang dianggap asing. Dan ia akan kembali sepertimana permulaannya, dianggap asing dan ganjil. Maka beruntunglah orang – orang yang ganjil.”
(Hadis Riwayat Muslim, no.145)

this is me


kisah | d.u.n.i.a. | FYP

FYP ialah final year project.
8 unit
apply the project entitle :
Determination of the antioxidant activity of various extracts of Baccaurea sp.
The antioxidants activities of Baccaurea sp.will be using several bioassays. Flavonoids with antioxidants activity will be identified. 

and had been approved last 16th of July.
entering the fourth week, urgghh i'm not start my project yet.
so, now. i pause my story.
till next, I pray for the best.
amin, Ya Rabbul'alaminn
alhamdulillah. finally, my work was started!!!
yeay :)
after zuhur, i brought the project material to my supervisor. immediate, she excitedly asking me to go to her lab, and whoah!
i start peel off the Baccaurea motleyana sp.
five extracts must be produce. fresh juice extract, leaf extract, bark extract, peel extract and seed extract. 1st day, only have fresh juice extract. done with FRAP and DPPH test.
 then, without any introduction of rules and regulations of the lab and so-what-ever called lab protocols, she (my supervisor) so quick find me other equipments such as micro-pipette, the tip, beaker, walking outside eagerly to print methodology for my project, explained a bit about it, where to centrifudge, how to make dilution series, asking how much series to have, bla-bla-bla... 
geeez, just in a blink of eyes, i got two results!
fuhhh, so fast, so quick! 
credits to all her post-graduate students. from their faces,they tell me what type of person she is.  
today, last two samples of fresh juice has been sent to biotech lab for freeze-drying. oh,what is freeze-drying?
well, i'm also not familiar with it. first time heard about it, i need to wiki. huhu

even the lab was my first time to get there.
pffffttt.. pity me, right? 
whatever. that's call learning, right..??
after a week in dryer, i'm actually almost forgotten.. haha sorry..
all dried-samples were grinned but not into a powder form. and then they had be water-soak in solvent called petroleum ether to make the extraction.
ah, pet.ether is quite smelly.
after two hours in water-soak, let them evaporated in fume-cupboard.
ah, this was the VERY unpleasant n trouble-some event.
pffftttt... till 5 pm o'clock, even the 10mL of the extract couldn't be obtained.
but that using the pet.ether.
after this, repeat same procedure but with other solvent which is more slow to get evaporated. pfftttt again.
actually, i used solvent due to its polarity.
need 3 polarity, from non-solvent to solvent.
next monday, post-graduate stud, Kak Meng will help me.
i'll just transfer the extraction.
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